In a market where time management, efficiency and cost reduction are key factors, the educational world is inevitably also undergoing changes. E-learning, mobile learning, social media and virtual training are buzz words that regularly pop up. There are many new, exciting and interesting methods that educators can look into for their courses. One thing, however, should not be overlooked when experimenting with new methods. Everything revolves around your staff member taking a course. You want your staff member to have the best possible training that perfectly matches his daily practice and his functional and intellectual level. This is why PIEK opts for classical training methods in the form of classroom training courses with a modern twist.

In contrast with technology-based learning, classical training focuses on the needs of the course members. During a course extra attention is paid to aspects in which participants require more support. The jargon term of this interaction between instructor and participant is instructor-led training. The greater flexibility of the instructor, in comparison with the rigidity of a computer programme, allows for modifications to the programme contents even while the course is already under way. Besides, in classical training, there is room for extensive exchange of experience and knowledge among the participants. This ensures that the participant gets a higher-quality training course and an optimum learning experience.

As to e-learning, there are advantages but also disadvantages. The latter can gravely affect the quality of a training course. Online training courses are usually taken during work time and in the work place. It is hard or even impossible to guarantee optimum concentration during these learning sessions. Telephones ring, emails are received, colleagues disturb the process with questions, etc. During classical training sessions the chance of being disturbed is practically zero, and all participants can focus 100% on the course contents. The interaction with the instructor is an asset and a bonus here.

PIEK allows participants to really dig into the course material and ensures that throughout the course there are discussions about all sorts of practice-based subjects. This leads to a maximum learning effect. Together with the instructor the participants analyse even the most difficult problems and come up with creative solutions. The framework within which this is done is the set of quality criteria drawn up by IPC. The face-to-face approach of the courses provided by PIEK intensifies the learning experience and safeguards that all learning needs are met.

Your staff members get the best possible course in their field from PIEK. Your organisation only stands to benefit. Well-educated staff members produce high-quality products. This leads to customers who are very satisfied, and this in turn gives you a competitive edge over other companies in the market.