October 2021

The Future of Vegetables and Fruit

6 October 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

The cultivation of vegetables and fruit is also dominated by developments in the technical interconnect industry. This article will discuss a number of items that are being developed, being experimented with and even being applied. Growth world population All planning offices state that medical developments lead to people living longer, which means that the world population is expected to grow [...]

September 2021

Ethics are essential in every organisation

15 September 2021|Categories: PIEK|

PIEK regularly talks to leading experts in the field of the Digital Society. One of our recent interviewees was dr. Katleen Gabriels. She is a moral philosopher at Maastricht University (UM), where she is also the director of the Digital Society study programme. The first question about her personal story gets her talking straight away. ‘I studied German and philosophy. [...]

Do we still need agriculture and cattle farming?

8 September 2021|Categories: PIEK|

In some 30 years there will be nearly 10 billion people on earth. All these people want to eat and drink. With the development of in-vitro meat one might think that there will not be employment in cattle farming in the future. Moreover, it would be better for the environment, too. Still developments do not go that fast, and the [...]

August 2021

Do algorithms already determine our lives?

31 August 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Algorithms are part and parcel of our lives. We accept them and make abundant use of them, or rather they make abundant use of us. Social media platforms thrive on algorithm use, and companies, governments and obviously criminals are no strangers to them either. They can be very handy and make our lives easier. Think for instance of a navigation [...]

Cybercrime, hotter than ever

25 August 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

The newspapers are already warning against cybercriminals offering a vaccine against Covid-19. It has never been easier to become a cybercriminal, also because legislation worldwide is lagging behind. Via the Internet or the Darknet criminals offer crime as a service (CaaS). This involves asking a third party to infiltrate or even shut down another party’s computer network. The trade in [...]

July 2021

Russian cows: VR technology boosts milk production

28 July 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Farmers are indispensable in food supplies. Despite developments in the field of in-vitro meat and other emerging technologies, we will remain dependent on agriculture and livestock farming in the coming decades. This sector is still responsible for over 25% of CO2 emissions, and it is not likely to change any time soon. This article will dig into current and imminent [...]

Trauma surgery – behind the scenes

14 July 2021|Categories: PIEK|

The technical interconnect industry can be found in all aspects of life. It is this wide diversity in the applications of its products that makes the technical interconnect industry fascinating. PIEK continually keeps you informed of both developments and innovations in all possible fields that the technical interconnect industry is active in. Zuyderland Hospital is one of the first hospitals [...]

June 2021

Organs on a microchip

30 June 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Most people consider animal testing no longer done. The pharmaceutical industry is well aware of current feelings about this and is looking for alternatives. This search is also prompted by the costly and time-consuming nature of clinical testing. Sometimes there is simply no time for such testing, as is now the case with the rush to find a vaccine against [...]

Euromex Microscopes

16 June 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Euromex Microscopes BV is a leading manufacturer of microscopes and other high-performance optical instruments. Founded in 1956, Euromex has become a first-class supplier of biological and stereo microscopes, and since 2016 it has been a valued partner of PIEK’s. Euromex is operating in over 120 countries worldwide via distributors, suppliers and agents. A wide range of customers such as schools [...]

Agriculture going state of the art

2 June 2021|Categories: PIEK|

With an ever growing world population the need to make agriculture more efficient and effective has grown. Technological developments and innovations make the difference, and a number of them will be shown in this article. Nanotechnology In agriculture nanotechnology is still in its infancy, though some developments are promising and have already been tested and implemented. One of the developments [...]

May 2021

Cybercrime: choose prevention over cure.

26 May 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

The Corona virus is currently all over the news, and the problem of cybercrime is no longer front-page news. Nevertheless, despite these hard times cyber criminals do not feel any scruples breaking into systems, even hospital systems. In a few articles we will tackle this theme and update you on what is going on. We will deal with such aspect [...]

The office of the future

5 May 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

Years ago the paperless office was expected to be the office of the future. In practice it still turns out to be a utopia to function without paper at an office, also because rules and regulations require this from organisations. Other technological developments in the meantime are pushing another phenomenon into our lives: the contactless office. In this article we [...]

April 2021

Building in the next decade

28 April 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Waste is an architect´s design error. This is what Dr Elma Dumirsevic stated in her vision of circular building. Whether there will be many design errors in the future remains to be seen. One thing that is certain, though, is that today´s construction industry will not be that of 2030, because it is developing very rapidly. Construction firms tapping into [...]

Cybercrime and prevention. How contradictory is this?

13 April 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

Before we dig into the subject of preventing cybercrime, we would like to explain a few terms. You hear a lot about cyberattacks, in these Corona times too, and about security breaches, data theft, etc. What does all this mean? Hackers or hacker groups have developed so-called malware to support or facilitate their criminal activities. Their aims are the following: [...]

Medical robots

7 April 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

Developments in the field of medical robots are extremely fast. The breakneck speed leads to malicious gossip about surgeons no longer being needed and robots taking over the operating theatres, but such anxiety is uncalled for. Surgeons will always have a dominating presence in operating theatres, but they will more and more often be assisted by smart, ultra-small medical robots. [...]

March 2021


31 March 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Hotraco develops innovative automation systems that help users to get the best possible results for animals, crops and people. Hotraco offers regulation, control and monitoring solutions for four segments: Hotraco Agri, Hotraco Horti, Mooij Agro and HG Industrial. Hotraco Agri‘s core business is regulating, managing and monitoring in-stable processes for poultry and pig farming. This ranges from ventilation and climate [...]

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