September 2020

Outstanding course, outstanding trainer

16 September 2020|Categories: PIEK|

PIEK has customers in all corners of the world. They either come to PIEK for courses or PIEK goes to them for in-company courses. Over the years we were happy to host a delegation from Israel, and we asked them whether we could interview them. We found out that being active in the electronics interconnection industry in Israel means that [...]

IPC Designer + Expert Certification

2 September 2020|Categories: IPC, PIEK|Tags: |

All across the world IPC has selected and certified a limited number of persons as MIT- Design+ Expert to become mentors for new IPC Designer certification trainers. PIEK’s Managing Director Rob Walls is one of them. He is also Master IPC trainer for the IPC Designer certification, such as Certified Interconnect Designer-basic (CID) and Certified Interconnect Designer-Advanced (CID+). Rob Walls [...]

August 2020

The PIEK quality circle

19 August 2020|Categories: PIEK|Tags: , |

The electronic interconnect industry is continually innovating, and innovations obviously have a big impact on product quality. Newly created products make the lives of consumers safer, better and more pleasant, regardless of whether they are health-care products, in which technology, ICT and knowledge are married, or mobility products, in which technology, ICT and artificial intelligence are married. In order to [...]

July 2020

Make the most of your staff with PIEK

1 July 2020|Categories: PIEK|

In a market where time management, efficiency and cost reduction are key factors, the educational world is inevitably also undergoing changes. E-learning, mobile learning, social media and virtual training are buzz words that regularly pop up. There are many new, exciting and interesting methods that educators can look into for their courses. One thing, however, should not be overlooked when [...]

June 2020

In-company and customized courses: two birds with one stone

17 June 2020|Categories: PIEK|

PIEK is the knowledge provider to you and the whole electronics interconnect industry. Our long-standing experience in arranging in-company tailored courses makes us the go-to partner, providing the best possible service. All courses and seminars provided by PIEK have in-company versions for groups of at least three people. They are by definition customized to suit your specific needs, regardless of [...]

May 2020

PIEK tailor-made courses

27 May 2020|Categories: PIEK|

Here is a random sample from the PIEK training courses that PIEK offers in tailored form to specific target groups. These courses also have an in-company version: Visual Inspection of PBAs • IPC-A-610 X-Ray Inspection Operator Handling PBAs • Cleaning and Cleanliness Testing of Printed Boards and Assemblies • Receipt, handling and storage of electronic components, PBs and PBAs PB [...]

PIEK has the knowledge

19 May 2020|Categories: PIEK|Tags: , |

The saying ‘knowledge is power’ has perhaps more meaning today than it may have had before. In the technical interconnect industry having up-to-date knowledge about standards, techniques and market developments is essential. However, the enormous overload of information makes it very hard to determine which knowledge is really most important. This may cause us to miss items that can impact [...]

February 2020

Labour market still chasing technically skilled staff

12 February 2020|Categories: PIEK|

For years there has been a shortage in the labour market when it comes to high-quality technical staff. This is no longer only the case in Western Europe but also in Eastern Europe. On top of this another shift is visible. It is not only technical staff with high qualifications but also technical staff with lower qualifications that is becoming [...]

December 2019

Productronica 2019 Trade Fair

4 December 2019|Categories: IPC News|

Productronica 2019 saw 44,000 visitors and over 1500 stand holders. Overall, 44 different countries were represented. ‘A massive success,’ Rob Walls called it. The numbers of both participants and visitors keep going up. Not only are the latest trends and gadgets in the electronics interconnect industry inspected, but people are also interested in being a jury member of the IPC [...]

November 2019

Nanotechnology, the new weapon against cancer cells

12 November 2019|Categories: PIEK News|

Worldwide 47.5 million people die annually of a top-five cause of death. With 9.5 million annual deaths cancer ranks third, and the toll it takes is going up. Research is working hard to reverse this trend, and nanotechnology may be very helpful. This article will share a number of developments in this field. Innovations in the field of nanotechnology indicate [...]

October 2019

Show off your hand soldering skills, register now.

29 October 2019|Categories: IPC|

Do you think you can solder well and do you want to put your company and yourself on the map within the electronics manufacturing industry? Then register now for the hand soldering competition on productronica 2019. Where? Productronica 2019 München When? 12-13 november 2019 For more information and registration, view the registration form via the following link: http://www.ipc.org/calendar/2019/productronica/IPC-HSC-Productronica19-PARTICIPATION.pdf

Productronica 2019

14 October 2019|Categories: PIEK News|

This year too PIEK is present at the Munich Productronica fair, together with IPC. This world famous fair is taking place from 12-15 November 2019. This year the fair will again be overflowing with innovations, and experts in all sorts of fields will exchange ideas all the time. Themes like the electronics of the future, trends in various industries, growth [...]

September 2019

Defence makes regular use of PIEK´s expertise

5 September 2019|Categories: PIEK News|

PIEK regularly hosts defence staff from all over the world taking an IPC certification course. Air force, navy and land force staffers are always welcome guests at PIEK. Recently a number of staff members of the Pakistani navy were active in the IPC-7711/7721 CIS certification course at PIEK’s Heerlen head office. PEK spoke to two of them. The first interviewee, [...]

August 2019

PIEK visit to FIR in Aachen

28 August 2019|Categories: PIEK News|

Ben Walls, PIEK´s Managing Director, attended a presentation by FIR Managing Director Ralf Bigge. FIR is a non-profit, multidisciplinary research and development institute at the RWTH Aachen University in the field of corporate organisations, information logistics and corporate IT. Its aim is to lay the organisational foundation for the digitally integrated industry of the future. By researching innovative solutions and [...]

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