May 2021

The office of the future

5 May 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

Years ago the paperless office was expected to be the office of the future. In practice it still turns out to be a utopia to function without paper at an office, also because rules and regulations require this from organisations. Other technological developments in the meantime are pushing another phenomenon into our lives: the contactless office. In this article we [...]

April 2021

Building in the next decade

28 April 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Waste is an architect´s design error. This is what Dr Elma Dumirsevic stated in her vision of circular building. Whether there will be many design errors in the future remains to be seen. One thing that is certain, though, is that today´s construction industry will not be that of 2030, because it is developing very rapidly. Construction firms tapping into [...]

Cybercrime and prevention. How contradictory is this?

13 April 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

Before we dig into the subject of preventing cybercrime, we would like to explain a few terms. You hear a lot about cyberattacks, in these Corona times too, and about security breaches, data theft, etc. What does all this mean? Hackers or hacker groups have developed so-called malware to support or facilitate their criminal activities. Their aims are the following: [...]

Medical robots

7 April 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

Developments in the field of medical robots are extremely fast. The breakneck speed leads to malicious gossip about surgeons no longer being needed and robots taking over the operating theatres, but such anxiety is uncalled for. Surgeons will always have a dominating presence in operating theatres, but they will more and more often be assisted by smart, ultra-small medical robots. [...]

March 2021


31 March 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Hotraco develops innovative automation systems that help users to get the best possible results for animals, crops and people. Hotraco offers regulation, control and monitoring solutions for four segments: Hotraco Agri, Hotraco Horti, Mooij Agro and HG Industrial. Hotraco Agri‘s core business is regulating, managing and monitoring in-stable processes for poultry and pig farming. This ranges from ventilation and climate [...]

Every customer is a CUSTOMER

24 March 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Your success is also PIEK´s success. That is why the complete PIEK team is always at your beck and call when it comes to education. This is quite apparent from the evaluations that PIEK receives from its customers. Below you can find some quotes found in the evaluation forms and in the annual customer satisfaction survey: ‘Everything runs smoothly. The [...]

The future of Logistics

17 March 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: , |

Logistics is booming. Because of the COVID-19 virus more and more products are bought online, which have to be delivered to private individuals and companies. Below we would like to share a number of developments with you which could be inspiring for your own organisation. Wal-Mart is a huge US retailer experimenting with autonomously driving cars built by Nuro. In [...]

Outsourcing: outdated

3 March 2021|Categories: PIEK|

More and more organisations are finding that outsourcing is not a panacea to reduce costs. A few decades ago outsourcing was hot. Organisations looked at which operations they could cut from the core, so which activities they could contract out. They also made agreements about deliverables and the required quality levels. On paper this made these organisations more cost-effective, but [...]

February 2021


24 February 2021|Categories: PIEK|

Time has not stood still in fire-fighting. We have been faced with many major fires in the last few years. There were forest fires in Sichuan province, China, there was the devastating fire in Notre Dame cathedral, Paris, and there were huge fires in California and Australia. Every day firefighters are risking their lives to save others. They can lose [...]

Awacs: Airborne Warning and Control System

16 February 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

Since the defence industry is a major partner for PIEK, regular visits are paid to the main players. One recent visit was to AWACS in Geilenkirchen. AWACS was established by NATO at the end of the 1970s to protect the European airspace against possible attacks from the then USSR. A German air force base was turned into the main AWACS [...]

Cyberattacks: indirect attack on economic growth?

2 February 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

The time of Bonnie and Clyde has long gone, when banks were robbed by people with guns. These days guns are no longer necessary. Today’s criminal has his laptop as a weapon and has enough technical knowledge to get around firewalls, etc. This may sound simplistic, but the fact is that the number of cyberattacks has significantly increased, since banks [...]

January 2021

3D printing in health care: giving an arm and a leg to the underprivileged

19 January 2021|Categories: PIEK News|

All over the world, there are about 30 million people who have to go without various limbs as a result of a war, violence, accidents, etc. Only a small number of those people is fortunate enough to get a prosthetic limb, namely 6 million people. 3D printing could make a great difference here, as it would also allow the underprivileged [...]

Vista College and PIEK

6 January 2021|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

The word ‘soldering’ stems from solidare (to attach, to interconnect) and it is the perfect metaphor for how a company active in soldering links up with the VISTA College active in educating young professionals. ‘In these trying Corona times we support the VISTA College,’ says PIEK’s Managing Director Ben Walls. With enough warmth the best connections are made. The Dutch [...]

December 2020

The Festive season in the Corona year

17 December 2020|Categories: PIEK|

What a heavy year 2020 has been for all of us The Covid-19 virus has turned our lives upside down. Working and meeting online have become a new reality for many, and the distance this has led to between family, friends, colleagues and customers is unpleasant. Although the technical possibilities are not bad at all, online get-togethers can never replace [...]

5G is making the digital world a race track

1 December 2020|Categories: PIEK|Tags: |

It seems like yesterday when we first heard about 1G technology. And this was at the end of the 80s. As from 2010 we have had G4 technology, and now we are in the middle of 5G being rolled out all over the world, while there are already places where the first steps towards 6G are taken. In this article [...]

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