PIEK is the knowledge provider to you and the whole electronics interconnect industry. Our long-standing experience in arranging in-company tailored courses makes us the go-to partner, providing the best possible service.

All courses and seminars provided by PIEK have in-company versions for groups of at least three people. They are by definition customized to suit your specific needs, regardless of whether it concerns IPC certification or re-certification. PIEK gives you exactly what you need.

PIEK’s trainers are more than happy to travel to your company. This service has been very popular among companies at home and abroad for many years.

Customized courses have an open-content programme. Not only are the courses fully attuned to your employees’ educational needs, but the cooperation between PIEK and its customer is also intensive and comprehensive. We aim at a lasting partnership with close ties in order to develop the potential in your staff, your teams and your organisation.

In order to reach this aim, we always take the following steps:
• getting to know the organisation and discussing its multi-year perspective
• touring the production department(s) and seeing the products
• reviewing the quality requirements of your customers
• charting the educational needs, taking on board desired key aspects

On the basis of the preceding steps PIEK develops a draft educational programme. Upon approval a clear and non-binding offer is made. In case of regular requests for courses, a framework contract is much chosen option.

In short:

Customer-centric customized courses
• The educational needs of your organisation are met by providing both need-to-know theory and need-to-have practice. This means that your employees are trained specifically for what they need to be trained for.
• PIEK’s in-company training can be mutually arranged at moments that best suit you. PIEK is flexible in this. The instructor takes with him all the required soldering and inspection equipment, so a fully kitted out work place for every participant. The equipment can be of any of the following manufacturers, Ersa, JBC, OKi, Metcal, Pace or Weller, depending on your needs.
• On site it is much easier to discuss issues that occur in the production and assembly process.
Independent instructors
PIEK is one of the few independent and reliable educators, with enthusiastic and motivated instructors. They are independent, have years of international experience, and speak the language of your employees. Training professionals is PIEK’s core business. During the courses that PIEK provides your employees are not distracted by commercial presentations of equipment suppliers or other speakers with their own agenda. Customers go to PIEK for the high-quality knowledge and worldwide experience of its instructors. Another major reason is that PIEK the only educational institute for the technical interconnect industry in Europe that has been certified to provide all IPC courses. This means one-stop shopping.

For PIEK independence is essential. We want to look our customers straight in the eye and know that we are offering the best possible education. We can only do so when we do not depend on third parties. This is why we invest a great deal in our instructors, making sure that they keep abreast of the latest developments, in your sector too.

Saving time and money
The great advantage for you is that in-company courses do not involve travelling and accommodation costs for your staff. They do not have to go to external training locations but can use their time more efficiently.

The majority of our customers knows that PIEK’s service and support does not end when a course ends. Customer contacts are an ongoing affair between our technical department, the PIEK team and the wide range of customers all over the world.

Customers frequently ask PIEK’s instructors for advice or solutions when quality problems occur or they have discussions about quality with their own customers. Our up-to-date knowledge and practical experience can make the difference between getting stuck with a problem or getting out of a tight spot.

Customer satisfaction
Customers have appreciated PIEK’s work for years with an average customer satisfaction of 9.5 on a scale from 1-10. In a recent survey held by CEDEO the score was even 9.8.