PIEK has customers in all corners of the world. They either come to PIEK for courses or PIEK goes to them for in-company courses. Over the years we were happy to host a delegation from Israel, and we asked them whether we could interview them. We found out that being active in the electronics interconnection industry in Israel means that you are under the secrecy act and cannot refer to names and companies. When we said we would not do so, they were more than happy to oblige.

Why do people come all the way from Israel to take one or more IPC courses with PIEK? The unanimous answer is that there are also IPC training centres in Israel itself but these lack the quality and knowhow offered by PIEK. Travelling to PIEK is not the easy option, but the trip is considered more than worthwhile, because they get the best possible IPC instructors to work with. ‘PIEK’s trainers stand out because of their huge knowledge of all sectors in the electronic interconnections industry’, says one of the Israeli participants. ‘They have so much experience that they can help us really well with any issues that we throw at them. Besides, there is such a wide diversity of participants here that we can learn a lot from one another. We have not seen such learning opportunities in other training centres.’

PIEK not only provides excellent courses, the conditions and circumstances are also first rate. One of the things they mention is the hotel accommodation. In conclusion one participant says: ‘PIEK provides top-of-the-range courses and has outstanding trainers. Do make sure that you put this in the article!’