At PIEK we only know too well how difficult it is for companies to make the right choice for an educational institute offering IPC certifications. The purchasing department looks at price, the staff on the shop floor that needs to be certified looks at the educator’s experience, and the manager looks at the overall picture, keeping in mind his responsibility for quality and budget.

PIEK has asked its customers to state the top four criteria for selecting an IPC educational institute.

Reliability and range of services
The absolute number one criterion is reliability and range of services. This points them straight to PIEK. Its 55-year experience and the tailor-made courses being the PIEK standard guarantee reliability and top service.

User-friendliness and comfort
In second place, customers find user-friendliness and comfort important. User-friendliness means this to customers: being able to work with the latest instruments and technologies. PIEK has leading materials and soldering machines, allowing everybody to work with things well-known to PIEK and also test other models. Comfort stands for the fact that courses are also provided regionally, so closer to the customers, and that there are even in-company versions. Customers find it very convenient that PIEK instructors come to them, adapting to a customer’s planning. And the ease with which company-specific questions can be answered is another plus.

Independence and international experience
The third great value that PIEK brings to the table is the independence and long-standing international experience of its instructors. Furthermore, PIEK speaks the language of the course participants. Even after finishing a course, participants remain customers and as such can always turn to PIEK with a question, finding the consultants ready with answers..

In fourth place, there is the price. Customers feel that they get an honest and fair price at PIEK, which may not be the lowest in the market but the best match for the quality offered. Comparing prices of IPC courses is just as difficult as comparing flight ticket prices. A Ryanair flight may appear cheap, but if you add everything up and you see what the price-quality ratio is, you would perhaps have been better off at e.g. Lufthansa.

This article has not made it easier to select an educational institute for IPC certifications. However, it will have given you a good impression of how and why PIEK customers make their choices. Perhaps this can also help you and turn you into a satisfied PIEK customer soon.

For more information, view the training courses page or our decision aid page.