Hotraco develops innovative automation systems that help users to get the best possible results for animals, crops and people. Hotraco offers regulation, control and monitoring solutions for four segments: Hotraco Agri, Hotraco Horti, Mooij Agro and HG Industrial.

Hotraco Agri‘s core business is regulating, managing and monitoring in-stable processes for poultry and pig farming. This ranges from ventilation and climate control to food and water supply, weighing of animals, lighting, egg counting and overall farm management.

Hotraco Horti is active in improving crop growth and optimising company operations. The core activity is managing, controlling and monitoring all greenhouse processes. This ranges from ventilation and climate control to irrigation and water supply, management and energy distribution.

The focus for Mooij Agro is on improving crop storage and optimising management processes. The automation solutions that Mooij Agro has simplify all this. Its core business is regulating, controlling and monitoring storage for outdoor crops. This ranges from ventilation and climate control to crop quality control, energy monitoring and crop storage management.

Finally, Hotraco is also a partner for industrial companies with its department HG Industrial. HG Industrial is a Systems Integrator that has been a supplier for production companies, machine constructors, E-installation engineers and wholesalers for over 40 years. With its automation technology Hotraco develops industrial solutions. Every single day Hotraco’s project bureau aims to offer its customers security as well as take their worries away when it comes to technical automation.

Furthermore, Hotraco has its own Development Centre and Production Facility making market-driven solutions to any customer. This makes Hotraco customer-centric and market-oriented. Hotraco is also interesting for education, because it considers working with students very valuable. There are therefore always on the lookout for suitable interns from vocational and higher professional education.

PIEK’s independent interviewer spoke to Hotraco’s Chris Peters, who is a customer of PIEK for over 15 years. When asking about the associations with the name PIEK, he said: ‘PIEK is a reliable and honest training company with which we like to do business with. I only have positive experiences with PIEK. They have highly motivated instructors with international experience, and everything is perfectly organized. When I recommend PIEK to others, I say that’s because you can always make clear arrangements with them, the trainers are great, they provide excellent information and give advice and solutions for company-specific problems. Unfortunately IPC sometimes changes its training programs and/or exam conditions, but PIEK is so flexible that they always find a solution, so that we are never affected by that change.’ The most recent training that Hotraco staff has had was the IPC-A-610 training program. By always getting its staff certified in time, Hotraco highlights its top quality to its customers.