Your success is also PIEK´s success. That is why the complete PIEK team is always at your beck and call when it comes to education. This is quite apparent from the evaluations that PIEK receives from its customers. Below you can find some quotes found in the evaluation forms and in the annual customer satisfaction survey:

  • ‘Everything runs smoothly. The communication is very pleasant and fast with my contact person, and they step into my shoes’.
  • ‘In consultation with us they have created a programme that is perfectly tailored to our specific situation’.
  • ‘I always get back positive signals from course members. Both as a course member myself and as a manager I have only had good experiences with them’.
  • ‘I only hear positive stories from participants, saying in particular how knowledgeable and flexible they are and what practical experience they bring along’.
  • ‘We get newsletters and emails about new courses, but they are not pushy at all’.
  • ‘They are always good at keeping their promises, and that is what I find important’.
  • ‘They know such a lot about the industry that they are training us up for. They keep their expertise up-to-date and work with good equipment’.

As is clear from the quotes, PIEK is customer-centric. PIEK makes sure that worries are taken away from beginning to end. Customer satisfaction is very important for PIEK. Besides, tailor-made work is the standard approach at PIEK. Any course is created on the basis of specific learning needs and wishes, regardless of whether it concerns an IPC certification or one of our own PIEK courses and regardless of whether it concerns an in-company course or a course given at a PIEK location. Everything revolves around the customer. The whole PIEK is focusing on providing every customer with optimum service.