Artificial Intelligence

Police services all over the world are using artificial intelligence (AI) more and more nowadays, which gives them opportunities to prevent planned crimes. This may seem impossible, but various promising algorithms have already been developed in this field. One of them has been created by Chicago University on the basis of publicly available data of crimes involving violence and property. The model learns to recognise patterns based on time and place, and these patterns allow it to predict crimes with a 90% accuracy rate, and that one week before the crime is actually committed.

These developments not only take place in the USA, but British researchers are also busy trying to create AI models that can predict domestic violence, stalking and honour killings. The British have developed the so-called DASH-tool for this, DASH standing for Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour-based Violence. The input for the system is made on the basis of previously committed crimes. The system then analyses the data and subsequently makes predictions.

Naturally, there are also opponents to the use of this sort of software, aiming to prohibit it, because it will inevitably lead to violations of human rights. They point to the Chinese government, which makes use of such software on a massive scale to control its population.

Modern police cars

Police cars are getting smarter and smarter. In Australia these smart cars are used by law enforcers. Apart from this, a smart police office has been opened in Dubai. Citizens can process various affairs here without speaking to a real policeman, so without human intervention. The Dubai police force also has cars with smart cameras registering licence plates and checking these against databases with AI software. In case of a match with criminal activities, the police officers can take action immediately.


The use of drones makes police work a lot easier worldwide. Drones can easily be deployed to monitor large stretches of motorway, so anti-social driving can be detected and punished much more quickly than before. When traffic accidents have happened drones can also play an important, positive role. They provide the responding police officers who are not yet on site with a clear picture of the situation, so that they can already take measures having seen the images. Police forces in Israel already make optimum use of this technology.