Due to the Covid-19 pandemic not only IPC but also PIEK has speeded up the development and introduction of online courses.

With IPC online courses and PIEK online courses your employees can keep developing themselves while also working on their sustainable employability, as there is a wide offering of certification, re-certification and challenge-test training programmes.

What is online learning?
Online learning involves distance learning via the Internet. The participant enrols in a certification or re-certification training programme, sitting in his own familiar and quiet home or office surroundings. In order to stimulate the participant’s involvement, the online courses are supported by presentations, videos, various real-life examples, etc. In short, you do not take a course face-to-face in a classroom, but you take it at home or at the office sitting behind your computer screen.

Way of working
Participants take the complete online PIEK or IPC course and the examination involved under the guidance of highly motivated, experienced and enthusiastic instructors. These instructors are independent, they have years of international experience and they speak the language of your employees. In the remote training sessions the participants are prepared for the exam with mock exam assignments specially created by PIEK.

Requirements for participation
PIEK has drawn up special guidelines regarding the requirements for participation in online PIEK and/or IPC courses, which are sent to you in an offer. The main reasons why more and more companies choose one or more online PIEK and IPC courses are:

  1. Cost and time saving
  2. Productivity
  3. Sustainability
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Participation of employees from various sites

Cost and time saving
The great benefit for you is that training costs are 20% lower, because the travelling and accommodation costs of the trainer do not have to be covered. Besides, your own employees do not have travelling and accommodation costs either, thereby also saving time and money.

A traditional course of half a day equals an online course of about one hour. Participants do not have to travel to a training location.

Another major advantage is that you contribute to a better environment when you do a course online, because you consume 85% less energy and you produce 80% less CO2.

Participation of employees from various sites
Internationally active companies with multiple branches can also benefit by having employees from these different branches jointly participate in one and the same online course. No need to explain that save a lot of costs.

The following IPC training programmes are now available in an online form for your certification, re-certification or Challenge test:

If you want to know more about online PIEK and IPC courses and their prerequisites, please contact our customer advisor, Ms Wendy Wings on +31- (0)45-570 33 33 or at support@piektraining.com.