Euromex Microscopen BV is a leading manufacturer of microscopes and other optical instruments. Founded in 1966, Euromex has become a world-class supplier of biological and stereo microscopes. Euromex operates in more than 120 countries worldwide through distributors and resellers. A wide variety of customers such as schools and educational institutes, clinical and research laboratories and a wide range of industrial customers are using Euromex microscopes. Euromex Microscopen BV is a subsidiary of Euromex Optics Group BV, a group holding company with subsidiaries active in the fields of optical instruments and high-level optical and opto-mechanical components

PIEK and Euromex have a few things in common. Both were founded in the 1960s – PIEK in 1965 -, both are top-notch players and both are represented worldwide. It is therefore quite logical that they have cooperated for many years. Says PIEK’s Ben Walls: ‘Euromex microscopes are vital instruments for our IPC training courses, because they allow for great freedom of operations. The Euromex microscopes that we are using have a work distance of 23 cm, which makes them eminently suitable to virtually everybody in the technical interconnect industry.’

Danny van Schagen, Area Sales Manager for the Netherlands and Germany confirms this: ‘The BE.1812 stereomicroscopes of the BE-50 series that PIEK ordered and that Europmex partly sponsored have interchangeable objectives mounted in a slider. They are intensively used in industry. The high depth of field and the extra large working distance are the main characteristics of this stereo microscope, thanks to which they are ideal for soldering work, quality inspection and so on. A 44 cm flexible arm with a LED light source ensures that the object can be illuminated from any angle, and the heavy, metal base makes this system very stable.’

‘We at Euromex love to work with PIEK, because PIEK’s reputation in the technical interconnect industry is really very high, not just in the Netherlands but also across Europe and even worldwide. Every single customer that I speak to has a positive story about the quality of PIEK’s trainers.’

‘What we also have for our customers is our academy, which they can turn to for questions about our products. They have made instruction videos and have a set list of frequently asked questions, but we are also boosting its presence and filling the academy with substance,’ according to Danny.

If you also want to get familiar with the Euromex microscopes during a PIEK course. Please contact our customer support officer Ms Wendy Wings. She can be reached on telephone number +49 241 9435956 or by e-mail at