PIEK and Weller will intensify their years of cooperation even further.

PIEK and Weller have been working together closely for years now. Weller regularly provides PIEK with various equipment for training purposes. For instance, when it comes down to soldering, trainees at PIEK utilise Weller soldering stations to master the intricacies of hand soldering with this equipment. Also, PIEK certifies the trainers at Weller operating across Europe every two years.

Safety at the workplace is something that all over Europe has become more important. At PIEK safety starts with the trainings and certifications. All students at PIEK always work with the latest tools and equipment. This goes for all courses and certifications offered by PIEK. Whether these are regional, in-company or at PIEK itself.

During soldering particles and fumes can be released. These can be dangerous or unpleasant for employees and the environment. Therefore, a good and practical fume extraction is essential, also during practical courses. That is why PIEK recently started using the Weller “Zero Smog” fume extraction systems. These are energy efficient and mobile devices. In the training rooms at PIEK ten of these devices are installed. At each device two soldering stations can be connected. Thus, twenty trainees can work on their soldering skills simultaneously and safe. Particles and fumes are extracted almost without noise. These devices are energy efficient; the extracted air is lead through and filtered by a prefilter, a fine filter and an active carbon filter, and afterwards can be released again.

A secondary aspect of the Weller fume extraction units is their compactness. Weighing only 9 kilograms they are easy to transport. For PIEK this is important since that means that these devices also can be used at in company trainings.

The Weller “Zero Smog” fume extraction units are produced in Europe and thus comply with European legislation.

Do you want to know more about the soldering trainings offered by PIEK and get to know the Weller fume extraction devices, please contact our customer advisor, Mrs. Wendy Wings, you can reach her by phone at +31 45 5703333 or by e-mail support@piektraining.com.