The saying ‘knowledge is power’ has perhaps more meaning today than it may have had before. In the technical interconnect industry having up-to-date knowledge about standards, techniques and market developments is essential. However, the enormous overload of information makes it very hard to determine which knowledge is really most important. This may cause us to miss items that can impact our business or even ruin it. Organisations therefore run risks every single day. Especially for the technical interconnect industry it is vital to always keep abreast of the latest developments.

In this respect it is always good to have a competent partner by your side to monitor expertise. This partner sees to it that you stay informed of the most recent developments affecting you and filters out all the issues that are less relevant.

PIEK is such a partner, when it comes to training courses for the technical interconnect industry. It has been this for over 50 years and is certified to provide all IPC courses. This means one-stop shopping for you, which is really easy. PIEK continuously tells you about any developments in the field of IPC certifications and re-certifications. For you this means that PIEK takes your worries away, since you do not need to follow the developments yourself all the time. PIEK is at your beck and call in the field of IPC training courses and consultancy.

PIEK is the preferred partner to leading assembly and repair companies, to the automotive, medical and security sectors, and to companies in aviation, defence and cyber security.

If you wish to know which developments are relevant for your sector and which of these have a bearing on IPC certifications, please contact Ms Wendy Wings of our customer care department. She can be reached on telephone number + 31 45 570 33 33 or at email address