PIEK regularly hosts defence staff from all over the world taking an IPC certification course. Air force, navy and land force staffers are always welcome guests at PIEK. Recently a number of staff members of the Pakistani navy were active in the IPC-7711/7721 CIS certification course at PIEK’s Heerlen head office. PEK spoke to two of them. The first interviewee, Ejaz, is responsible for a number of laboratories where PCBs are repaired. The second, Waqas, has been repairing PCBs since 1999 and has so far repaired over 1000 of them. Both state that their work is diverse and interesting, and that electronics is their passion. Below they reflect on their experiences with PIEK.

When asked why they have chosen PIEK, they give an almost identical answer. PIEK is well-known for its internationally experienced and independent instructors, and it has an excellent reputation in defence circles. It is not the first time that they are participating in a course offered by PIEK. Past experiences were excellent, so the choice was obvious. They also say that they highly appreciate the state-of-the-art equipment they can work with and the complete range of IPC courses that they can choose from.

The experiences with instructor Stefan Walls are also very positive. Stefan is able to give crystal clear explanations and answer any in-depth question. They say that their colleagues feel the same way, too.

When asked what advice they can give to PIEK, they have a surprising answer. They say that it would be nice if PIEK could throw the course plus a hotel into a package deal, making it easy for foreign guests to come over. After all, finding a good location and proper accommodation is hard for them, and PIEK would probably know better what to choose, being familiar with the local situation.

PIEK will definitely go and look into this package deal possibility, and it wishes Ejaz, Waqas and their colleagues the best of luck in the course.